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Friday, 17 April 2009 22:17

 "For Your Thighs Only" by Al Lowe and Dan Kehler. Yet another rendition of 'Larry's theme.'


"Big Band Larry" by Al Lowe and Dan Kehler. And another rendition of "For Your Thighs Only."  Enhanced General MIDI version.


 "2 Rump 2 Pump" by Dan Kehler. Right. Whatever. Enhanced General MIDI version.


"Cell Block Love" by Dan Kehler. Also known as the "Love Theme From Police Quest." Words and music by Josh Mandel and Al Lowe. And speaking of the words, click HERE to see them! (They're also included in the ZIP.) Early "Police Quest" adventurers will appreciate these lyrics! Be sure to read the accompanying text file. Enhanced General MIDI version.



NOTE:  The Leisure Suit Larry 6 complete General MIDI soundtrack is available on our Complete Soundtracks page.


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All GS, XG, and General MIDI conversions performed by Quest Studios unless otherwise stated.



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