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1  MUSIC & SOUND CARDS / Roland Sound Canvas/Yamaha XG / Re: Might & Magic XEEN: Roland Sound Canvas not working correctly, why? on: February 03, 2014, 11:35:07 PM
Keropi is correct. The MK II is *NOT* the module to use with Xeen. The lack of Capital Tone Fallback will cause many sounds to be dropped.
2  MUSIC & SOUND CARDS / Roland Sound Canvas/Yamaha XG / Might & Magic XEEN: Roland Sound Canvas not working correctly, why? on: January 28, 2014, 06:37:21 PM
I posted this in the GOG (Good Old Games) forum, but I am posting it here as well in case someone can help. Note that when you install the GOG version of Might & Magic IV and V, it installs both the regular version and the full speech version. What follows is a copy\paste of what I posted in the GOG forum. -->

I just bought the GOG version of Might and Magic 1-6 bundle but I am running into trouble with M&M 4 and 5 Xeen.

If I go into 'Launch Settings' in the game directory, it launches the installer for Xeen. Fine. I choose Roland Sound Canvas for music and effects. I choose SoundBlaster for speech. The problem is though, when I actually launch the game, the game still uses SoundBlaster for music and effects, not my Sound Canvas. But I found out that this is only happening to the full speech version of Xeen. The non-speech version of Xeen does work correctly with my Sound Canvas. So right now I can either play the full speech version with SoundBlaster music or I can play the non-speech version with my Sound Canvas. Obviously I want the full speech version to work with my Sound Canvas.

 Why is the full speech version not working with my Sound Canvas? Anyone here have any ideas?

UPDATE: Ok it looks like the installer that GOG provides to access the game settings is only for the non-speech version. There is a directory with another installer. That one accesses the CD-ROM version of the game. When I set the music to my Sound Canvas and tell it to save settings, it wants me to insert the Xeen CD-ROM that I do not have.

In short, I think GOG screwed up and I don't think anyone here can help me.

SECOND UPDATE: Yes, the GOG installer which just takes you to the game's sound card installer, takes you to the installer for the non-speech version only. I managed to play with their installer settings to get it to point to the CD-ROM version instead. Everything is working fine now. Anyone who buys this game from GOG and happens to have a SC-55 or equivalent and wants it to work with the speech version of the game is going to have to do what I did to get it working....
3  MUSIC & SOUND CARDS / Roland Sound Canvas/Yamaha XG / Re: Calling all Roland SCC-1A Owners, You're Needed on: August 08, 2012, 03:49:28 AM
I see you posted this a week ago. Sorry but I only check this forum once a week or so. I just checked my SCC-1. It does not show an 'A' anywhere so I am guessing I have the original SCC-1 which doesn't help you but....

I have several Roland manuals in PDF form (not the SCC-1A unfortunately) but all of these manuals tell you somewhere on one page whether they support fallback or not. Maybe you can find a manual for the SCC-1A?
4  MUSIC & SOUND CARDS / Roland Sound Canvas/Yamaha XG / Re: World of Xeen: Two out of three Roland products FAILED with this game on: October 11, 2011, 01:01:43 AM
Now, to fix this problem, you first need to go completely ingame, because the game sends a "GS Reset" SysEx message at the title screen (after the character selection screen), then all you have to do is using the buttons on the panel of your Roland Sound Canvas MIDI synth, to manually set the "Rx Bank Sel" option to "off", for the channel 14 only (it's still needed for the various sound effects played on the other channels).

Once done, there won't be any "no instrument" error message anymore, and the intended Harp instrument will be selected and used, when you pick up an item or click on the money amount icon.

Ok I tried it and you are right. The harp sound works as long as you perform the above step. But there are other sound effects that don't play back correctly. Choosing Sound Blaster instead of your Sound Canvas in the installer is still the best option. I really wouldn't want to play with the buttons on my SC-55 every time I started the game anyway.
5  MUSIC & SOUND CARDS / Roland Sound Canvas/Yamaha XG / Re: World of Xeen: Two out of three Roland products FAILED with this game on: October 06, 2011, 03:15:24 PM
Well,  I just use my SCC-1 to get around the fallback problem. I have it daisy chained to my other midi modules.

The ONLY game where capital tone fallback was a problem for me is World of Xeen. And now I have a fix for that. Even though Lands of Lore has this problem, you should be using your SoundBlaster for sound effects anyway with that game. This completely bypasses the problem as the fallback issue only affects sound effects, not the music.
6  MUSIC & SOUND CARDS / Roland Sound Canvas/Yamaha XG / Re: World of Xeen: Two out of three Roland products FAILED with this game on: September 24, 2011, 05:21:29 PM
Ok I first tried Xeen with the original executable and the NO INSTRUMENT appears whenever I perform certain actions in game. Firing arrows, some spell sounds, etc.. they don't play. When I tried your executable, the game WORKED PERFECTLY. I tried to trip it up by playing whatever sounds I could in the first area of the game, but your fix worked EVERY TIME. I went back to the original executable, and the game immediately began exhibiting the NO INSTRUMENT problem. I went back to your executable a second time, and it once again WORKED PERFECTLY. Thank you!

Now as for Lands of Lore, I first tried my mkII with this game. It did show the NO INSTRUMENT error. I tried the game with my SCC-1 which played the sound effects back just fine just to confirm that this is a capital tone fallback issue. My SCC-1 is based off the original SC-55 which does not exhibit this problem. I then tried your executable....... failed. Sorry, it seems to only work with World of Xeen at this point. I don't know of another game to test this on. These are the only two games I have that I ever came across that have this problem with the capital tone fallback.

I'm here if you want to try anything out. Its obvious you know what you are doing. But it looks like at this point, each game will need its own fix.
7  MUSIC & SOUND CARDS / Roland Sound Canvas/Yamaha XG / Re: World of Xeen: Two out of three Roland products FAILED with this game on: September 23, 2011, 09:16:17 PM
I was shocked when I went to check out this forum and I saw a thread I started almost four years ago (!!) at the top of the forum again. I was even more shocked to find out that you may have actually found a fix for this rare but annoying problem.

I have DosBox, my mkII and World of Xeen ready to go. But could you please give me instructions on how to install it? I am running the 0.74 version of DosBox. Which of these three files do I actually need? Do I just replace the files already on my hard drive or are these additional files?

I *THINK* another game where this capital tone fallback thing was a problem was Lands of Lore CD Edition. If you choose the Sound Canvas as your sound effects platform, some of them would not play. You would get the NO INSTRUMENT error. But if you intend to test this game yourself, you need to verify first that my claim about this game is accurate as its been awhile and my memory is a bit hazy.

I'll gladly test both games myself, but I would like instructions as far as your patch is concerned to make sure I install it properly.
8  MUSIC & SOUND CARDS / Roland Sound Canvas/Yamaha XG / Re: Dosbox and SC-55 MKII on: January 17, 2010, 03:37:42 PM
I know it's late, but I am answering in case someone needs help in the future.

Hey, thanks for posting that bit of info. My devices are daisy chained, not independently attached, but if they were, I would have went into the Windows midi mapper each time I needed to switch which device DosBox should be using which is a bit of a pain. Changing one number in the DosBox config file is easier for me and does not affect which device Windows itself is set for.
9  MUSIC & SOUND CARDS / Roland Sound Canvas/Yamaha XG / Re: The SC-33 vs the SC-55 on: April 24, 2009, 12:18:57 AM
That's interesting. I did read about this elsewhere in the forums. World of Xeen comes to mind. If I wanted to play Xeen specifically I would probably get a CM-64 unit just for that. At least for my gaming preferences I can say the MT-32/SC combo has been more than fine.

I have a CM-64 and in my opinion, World of Xeen sounds best on a SC-55.
10  MUSIC & SOUND CARDS / Roland MT-32 Sound Module / Re: Those charming Sierra messages on the little screen... on: February 20, 2009, 10:38:50 PM
A bit overkill, isn't it? Well, perhaps I think so because I grew up with the C64 and the Amiga, and I'm mainly interested in the music. That's why I've always preferred a CM-32L or a CM-64, because I don't "feel the need" for the single-line LCD screen text...
Anyway, I understand that it can be very important for some people, for sentimental reasons.

A CM-64 will screw up in some Sierra games without some tweaking but a MT-32 will not play all sound effects in some other games either. I don't think having both is overkill at all.
11  MUSIC & SOUND CARDS / Roland MT-32 Sound Module / Re: Those charming Sierra messages on the little screen... on: February 19, 2009, 02:02:16 PM
Also what is your favorite MT-32 text message?

INSERT BUCKAZOID when you boot up Space Quest III.

I have a MT-32 connected to my CM-64 so I get both buffer protection and the readout. I always default to the CM-64 though because even a second gen MT-32 may be missing out on sounds that the CM units will play.
12  MUSIC & SOUND CARDS / Roland MT-32 Sound Module / Re: MUNT vs The Real Thing on: January 31, 2009, 06:24:43 AM
Munt sounds bad, and believe me, I ain't got sophisticated ears! However, I would love to see a GOOD emulator.

From what I just heard, Munt sounds bad indeed. Reminds me of when I used to use my SCC-1 in MT-32 emulation mode.
13  MUSIC & SOUND CARDS / Roland MT-32 Sound Module / Re: MUNT vs The Real Thing on: January 29, 2009, 03:36:04 PM
I certainly wouldn't use it. Not when a real MT-32 is so easily acquired.

Exactly. I don't really see a point in something like MUNT because I doubt it will ever sound anything like the real thing for the majority of titles that support the MT-32.
14  MUSIC & SOUND CARDS / Roland Sound Canvas/Yamaha XG / Re: My totally useless SCC-1 on: January 23, 2009, 03:47:40 PM
Oh, I see... I will try later if I encounter those things.
If an sc-55mk2 has these 'problems', I wonder if the SCD-15 (SCB-55) lacks this capital tone fallback too.

I check the manuals to find out. But you can always try Lands of Lore or World of Xeen to find out. Smiley
15  MUSIC & SOUND CARDS / Roland Sound Canvas/Yamaha XG / Re: My totally useless SCC-1 on: January 22, 2009, 02:49:58 PM
What games don't work on an sc-55(mk2) but do on an scc-1 card if I may ask?

Well they work, just that some sound effects that should play get dropped on the mkII. Two games for sure. Lands of Lore and World of Xeen. A third game, Master of Orion, also produces strange sounds after awhile on my mkII but I don't know if that happens on the SCC-1 as well. I also had a few midi files that would not play correctly on the mkII. I thought my mkII was malfunctioning but this was discussed in another thread awhile back. The mkII lacks capital tone fallback which some games and midi files needs to work correctly.
16  MUSIC & SOUND CARDS / Roland Sound Canvas/Yamaha XG / My totally useless SCC-1 on: January 21, 2009, 04:34:39 PM
When I switched over to DosBox from my DOS 6.2 computer I figured I would never use the SCC-1 again because it is a ISA card which my Vista computer, not surprisingly, does not have any slots for. And I really knew this card would forever more remain silent when I bought a SC-55mkII and a USB Midi cable to connect to my Vista computer. I still use the DOS computer but I no longer use the SCC-1 sitting in it. I thought about selling it at one point. Since it is now, you know, totally useless. Well ok, there are a few games that don't work correctly on a mkII that do work correctly on a SCC-1 but that isn't worth using my DOS computer when DosBox gives me better graphics via the scalers and the ability to use my MX revolution mouse with programmable buttons.

But today I read an article on Wiki that said I can use my SCC-1 on any computer so long as it has power. NONSENSE I said! How can you possibly have the SCC-1 in one computer and use it on another?!? That just sounded *really* retarded to me when I first read it. But then I thought about it. Ok wait. If I go from the midi thru on one module to the midi in on the SCC-1, the midi information would be processed on the SCC-1, and the result would be sent out the RCA ports to my mixer. It sounded like to me that this should work. Only thing the SCC-1 needed in this case was power. Exactly what the article said.  Tongue

And it did work. So should I ever run into another game that does not work correctly on one Sound Canvas, I have my totally useless SCC-1 to fall back on.  Cheesy
17  MUSIC & SOUND CARDS / Roland Sound Canvas/Yamaha XG / The Roland SC-7 --> A few questions on: January 19, 2009, 01:39:33 PM
Please answer whichever one you can, thanks.

1. Does this thing sound the same as a SC-55 as far as old DOS games go?

2. I downloaded the manual from Roland's site. I am trying to find out if this thing has Capital tone fallback. But if this information is there, I missed it. Does anyone know?
18  MUSIC & SOUND CARDS / Roland MT-32 Sound Module / Re: CM-32LN and CM-64 on: December 21, 2008, 03:14:04 PM
I just got a CM-32LN (300 YEN) and a CM-64 (890 YEN) from Japan. The CM-64 has a PCM card and manual in shrink-wrap. The CM-32LN I intend to use with a Laptop. A USB midi interface should work fine.

If you think it would be cheaper for me to get the same stuff off Ebay, you would be wrong! Some seller charge as much as 60 USD for worldwide shipping.

I paid $40 after shipping for my CM-64 on Ebay. My second gen MT-32 cost twice as much.
19  MUSIC & SOUND CARDS / Roland MT-32 Sound Module / Re: My 'new' CM-64 has arrived! -- some comments on: December 21, 2008, 03:11:23 PM
I found these on my hard drive:

Never had a chance to try them, however.

I just did. The midi worked. King's Quest IV sounds correct now on the CM-64. Thank you.
20  MUSIC & SOUND CARDS / Roland MT-32 Sound Module / Re: My 'new' CM-64 has arrived! -- some comments on: December 17, 2008, 02:00:18 AM
One thing: How do you know you get checksum errors if you use a synth without a screen?

My CM-64 is connected to my MT-32. When I replaced the MT32.drv from King's Quest IV with the new one, instead of displaying 'King's Quest IV', it said 'Exe checksum Error' so I knew it wasn't going to work even before it started playing. Sure enough, the music sounded *really* messed up on both units with the new driver. With the original driver, the game at least works correctly on the MT-32.
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